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Amid New Regulations, Element E-Liquid Reaffirms Commitment To Compliance...And Competence

October 20, 2017

Amid New Regulations, Element E-Liquid Reaffirms Commitment To Compliance...And Competence

New FDA Vape Industry Regulations Now it Effect


With new regulations now in place for registration and compliance, e-cigarette manufacturers must now have their facilities and existing product listings in good standing with the FDA.

Regardless of how many feel towards these latest legalities, one thing is certain; Element E-Liquid wants to inform everyone, from vape shops to loyal patrons alike, that its doors will remain open for business. Recently, the vape juice producer responsible for bringing you everything from its FAR lineup to the successful new Ns20 nic salt range linked a statement on its U.S. site with a simple message:

“Through our commitment to accountability ahead of the October 2017 deadline for establishment registration and existing product listing certification, Element E-Liquid will meet all requirements of compliance set forth by the new FDA regulations guaranteeing full eligibility to continue producing our current lineup of e-liquids.

Element will satisfy all regulatory measures, as we encourage transparency by doing our part in maintaining a constant presence towards the integrity of the vaping industry.  

We THANK YOU for your continued support in keeping our products available to all who seek a truly recognized alternative to nicotine delivery.”

As always, Element has vowed total compliance with all markets to which it sells its e-liquids worldwide. However, with the FDA’s landmark shift announced in a July 28th press conference by new commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, MD, the ability to maintain a consistent message by way of complete regulatory cooperation is more important than ever.

Today, the vape industry finds itself among the most wide-reaching public support it has ever experienced, overwhelmingly in favor of its credentials as the premier alternative nicotine cessation option. Because it’s no longer just about taking a stand against the powers that be, but the ability to now embrace their influence when it creates a more favorable environment for the global vaping community to exist.

The emphasis of legitimacy through quality control and compliance is vital to bringing sound integrity towards vaping and all that it encompasses. It is necessary to communicate any and all factual data to help distance vaping’s personal and professional culture ever further from misinformation and false propaganda through continued dialogues backed by the growing number of studies and reports showing the realistic benefits of vaping. We at Element E-Liquid welcome such a path of transparency, and are willing to commit to it, for the betterment of all.