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Element Hits the Road This Fall

September 27, 2018

Element Hits the Road This Fall

As 2018 rounds the home stretch, Element E-Liquid prepares to hit the road, once again. Since developing their signature brand of nicotine salts (Ns20), Element has had no shortage of demand for this revolutionary e-juice. After multiple successful vape shows in 2017, Element has established itself as one of the top premium e-liquid companies worldwide. Fans of their products flock to their booth whenever they fly into town just to meet the purveyors of numerous award-winning lines of quality vape juice. This time around is on par to be just as prosperous.

Birmingham, London, UK

Element E-Liquid will be at the Vape Expo October 26, 27 and 28. Element has been to Birmingham many times before. It’s basically a home away from home for them. The crowds flock to them in droves whenever they are in the building, and it’s always a great time for all. If you are in the area, make sure to stop by. You won’t want to miss out!

Miami, Florida, USA

For the second time in as many years, Element E-Liquid will be in their own backyard in sunny South Florida at the Miami Vape show, November 8th and 9th. For those of you who were there last time, you were treated to samples of some of the finest premium e-liquid that just hit the market. And a full year later, the flavors keep flowing. Make sure you stop by -- again -- to see what’s in store!

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