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FDA Restricts Flavored E-cigarettes; Menthol Next

December 13, 2018

FDA Restricts Flavored E-cigarettes; Menthol Next

In November of this year, the Food and Drug Administration announced it will start the process to ban menthol in cigarettes and limit the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to teens.

The FDA has decided to so after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released numbers showing a 78 percent increase in vaping by high school and middle school students. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the move is in an effort to curb youth vaping.

Gottlieb said he wanted the FDA to force outlets to isolate sales so vaping products cannot be purchased by teens and children. Although he wants to implement these restrictions, Gottlieb has said he is not forcing establishments to quit selling fruity flavored vaping products, but rather keep them out of the hands of individuals not of legal age to purchase tobacco. However, he is also starting the process of banning menthol in combustible cigarettes and flavored cigars.

So far, the FDA does not want to limit mint and menthol flavors in e-cigarettes because they don’t want menthol cigarettes to become more appealing to youths. Tobacco companies said they would fight the menthol ban.

Some major vape companies -- like JUUL -- have already started working on limiting sales to underage vapers. JUUL announced they would cut down sales of flavored products and cease social media campaigns.

Despite the FDA’s push against vaping products, many former smokers -- of age -- have used vaping as a method to quit smoking analog cigarettes. It has been acknowledged as a bona fide method of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individuals have quit their smoking habit thanks to e-cigarettes and vape products.

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