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More Everyday Vape Hacks

July 09, 2018

vape hacks

People vape for various reasons. Some vape to relax while others use it to quit smoking or at least lower their nicotine intake. Whatever you reason for vaping, you don’t want it to become a hassle or a chore. Here are some everyday vape hacks that can make your vaping experience much more pleasant.


Vape as many flavors as possible. You may start vaping and find one or two flavors you like, but if you stop there, you are doing yourself a disservice. There is no right or wrong flavor to vape, but finding the best premium e-liquid is a major part of your vaping experience. Don’t shortchange yourself by settling for the first flavors you try; experiment with sweet, bitter, tangy, fruity, mix it up. Have fun with it.
more vape hacks
Use ketchup to clean your copper mod. Just like certain household products can be used to clean your headlights, ketchup can be used to clean your copper mod. Of course, you can buy a solution specifically for cleaning your copper mod, but almost every household contains this condiment. Before spending your hard-earned money, give it a try. The more money you save, the more you will have to spend on other vaping products.
more vape hacks
Carry your mod upside down to prevent leaking. It sounds contradictory, but carrying your mod upside down can prevent it from leaking in your pocket, bag or purse. Even if you are carrying it in your hand try to carry it upside down. The last thing you want is to have your premium e-liquid spilling on you or your belongings. It’s a weird hack, but it works.

Organize your vape products in a cosmetic box. Your wife, girlfriend, sister or other female in your life may think it is a bit strange that you want their old cosmetic box, but it makes a great organizer for your vape items. Usually cosmetic boxes have different slots which surprisingly hold vape mods or pens, batteries and e-liquid bottles quite comfortably. Waste not, want not.

more vape hacks
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