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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

More People in the United States are Vaping

November 09, 2018

More People in the United States are Vaping

The Centers for Disease Control did a study in 2015 showing that more than 3.5 percent of the adult population vaped or used vapor products, including e-cigarettes. In raw numbers, that is a little more than 9 million people, according to the Census Bureau.

A great number of people who vape do so in order to help them quit smoking. Vaping is tobacco-free and does not contain all the toxins found in conventional cigarettes. Nearly 13 percent of American adults have tried an e-cigarette at least once. There is evidence that illustrates vaping is less harmful (by at least 95 percent) than smoking, and is a safer alternative. And with the introduction of nicotine salts on the market, vaping has been elevated to a whole new level.

Nicotine salts aim to mimic the same nicotine provided by smoking a cigarette, as it is absorbed into the bloodstream a lot quicker than freebase nicotine in generic e-liquids. This means the nicotine hit is felt quicker from inhaling vaporized e-liquid containing nic salts. On average, it takes about 6 to 7 seconds for nicotine to take effect when smoking a cigarette or vaping freebase nicotine. Vaping nic salts provides a much quicker hit.

Whether vaping quality e-liquid or nicotine salts, Americans have embraced this method of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). So far, it has proven to be effective in helping people to quit, or at least cutting down on their nicotine intake.

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