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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Great Debate: Vaping or Hookah

August 09, 2018

vaping vs. hookah

Over the weekend a couple buddies and I went to a local spot to watch some live bands. They happened to have hookahs there, so one of my friends got one. The other had his Aspire Gusto Mini with him and started vaping. I was surrounded by floral essences and delicious dessert delights. They seemed to enjoy their respective activities, which made me wonder, which was more enjoyable, vaping or using a hookah? So I tossed the question out there to hear both sides.

vaping or hookah

Hookah Guy: “Well, a hookah is relaxing. You can sit, chill and just puff away without a care in the world.

Vape Guy: “You can do the same with vaping. I sit on my patio, listen to music and vape my cares away.”

Hookah Guy: “OK, but you get unlimited flavors with the hookah. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from.

Vape Guy: “Good point. However, there are countless quality e-juice flavors on the market. One single company could have many different lines of flavors. I, myself, have at least 10 different flavors from Element E-liquid.”

Hookah Guy: “But that e-juice you are vaping doesn’t have nicotine.”

vaping or hookah

Vape Guy: “Exactly! Vaping provides you the option of using nicotine or not. Not to mention, using a hookah is as addictive as cigarettes, if not more. In one hour, you are exposed to at least 100 times the amount of nicotine in one cigarette.”

The debate was heating up. Vape Guy seemed to be throwing out fact after fact, while Hookah Guy seemed to be arguing his personal preference.

Vape Guy: “Many of my coworkers vape in the office. How many times have you used a hookah in the workplace?”

Ouch! Low blow...but he did make a good point. Hookah Guy was on the ropes.

Vape Guy: “Not to mention, many people use vaping as a method to wean themselves off of cigarettes, or at the very least, decrease their nicotine intake.”

vaping or hookah

Hookah Guy: “But isn’t vaping expensive?”

Vape Guy: “Once I buy my mod, I can order or buy a few bottles of my favorite e-liquid and I’m good for a bit. Even if you bought your own hookah, the maintenance alone is a hassle. And there is so much effort that goes into using one - pack the bowl; fill the base with water; light the coal, take a few test hits. I just turn on my device and I’m good. Now, imagine how pricey it is if you don’t own your own hookah. You’re giving someone else money to do what I can do basically for free.”

Both presented valid arguments, but clearly vaping is the better option considering cost, practical use, flavor selection and of course, portability. Two weeks later, Hookah Guy jumped on the vape bandwagon.