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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Market Saturated with JUUL E-cigaretter Imitations

December 07, 2018

Vape Market Saturated with JUUL E-cigaretter Imitations

Over the past two there has been an influx of knock-off Juul products hitting the market. The lower-priced replicas have made their way into convenience stores and gas stations across the United States, despite the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banning sale of any new e-cigarette products as of August 2016 without first being approved by them.

According to recent reports, major tobacco companies as well as start-ups have released numerous high-nicotine devices that resemble Juul’s line of products ever since the FDA set the deadline.

Educators are worried that Juul e-cigarettes and their knock-offs are encouraging high school students to pick up the habit of smoking nicotine. They feel the sweet flavors of the e-liquid is enticing to them.

The FDA warned Juul and four other big vaping products to take steps in preventing minors from taking up the habit. But the warning came after the copycats already were on the market, incurring zero consequences.

Companies that introduced the new devices to the market include startups like Kandypens, Myle Vapor and VGOD and bigger tobacco companies like British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands Plc.

It still remains to be seen what impact these replica products will have on Juul and their place in the vaping market. As for right now, Juul is complying with regulations and standards that have been put in place.

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